Showreel credits  
2015 Pixels   PTV - Regional Rail, TVC  

Working with Director John Gavin, design by Luke Saunders, lead artists Alex Whillance and Trent Denham, I animated the unfolding like origami paper city of Geelong in the Public Transport of Victoria - Regional Rail TVC.

2013 Room3   End The Cycle, promotional video  

Under the direction of Creative Director Erin Johnson, I assisted in storyboarding before creating 3D assets and animation for the End the Cycle promo video for production company Room3. The various rendered plates were integrated with motion graphics and animation created by Steve Edwards. Directors: AJ Clifford & Riima Daher.

2016 GRAMM   Coke Summer Classics, media campaign  

Working from character illustrations by Mulga I assisted in 3D modelling, rigging and animating the two main characters and band (keytar) player for the finale of the specktacular sequence by the amazingly talented team of Mali and Michael at Gramm.

2016 GRAMM   Optus Chadstone. LED video installation  

Guided with designs by Mali and direction by Michael at Gramm, I teamed with Peter Leary to create the animated tech-flowers and plants in this gorgeous sequence playing on a giant window display featuring 12 overlapping 42″ screens in Chadstone.

2017 GRAMM   NRL Marvel Heros jersey, TVC  

With direction from Michael at Gramm, I created explosion effects and 3D modelled and animated the robotic wings, rockets, footy and utilised a cloth simulation to animate the spider web tear.

2013 Maxo Studios   Target Toys, TVC  

With a little more time on the clock this year but the shot count doubling comparatively between the campaigns, I re-teamed with Stephen Johnson to create the Target Toys 2013 Commercials. I modelled low and high poly versions of the Toys in 3DS Max. Some of the toys were rigged and animated before being integrated into the scenes with a handy plugin called Supermesher. I spent some time adjusting the lighting in the scenes using a daylight system which was rendered with Mental Ray. I composited the live action and CG plates together in After Effects.

2011 Maxo Studios   Eff Juice, TVC  

The process began with developing a design for the Eff robot character and adding animation ideas to the script supplied by clients Cummins Ross. Under a tight deadline I created all assets and animation within 3DS Max and assembled the sequences together using After Effects.

2010 Maxo Studios   Funtastic Toys, TVC  

Funtastic Toys was a fun TVC which involved a live action shoot with Maxo Studios Director Stephen Johnson. Working from storyboards created by client Cummins Nitro, I lead the post production and created all CG elements with assistance by Tom Marley working on material shaders and lighting. I enjoyed designing the Teleport Device and integrating the live action plates with full CG environments and FX.

2013 Airbag Productions   Chery QQ, TVC  

Working with Directors Travis and Nick of Airbag Productions, I animated the playful Assembly Robots for the international Chery QQ commercial. Post Production TD: Adrian Oostergetel.

2017 TRO Australia   SeaLife Sydney - Penguins, projection  

I created the waddle of Penguins animation and renders which were composited together on a background plate created by Liam Thorne at TRO for the penguin ride at Sea Life Sydney.

2017 TRO Australia   SeaLife Sydney - Ancient Oceans, projection  

I assisted the TRO team by creating animations and renders for the Plesiosauria projection in the aquarium’s new Ancient Oceans exhibition.

2017 TRO Australia   Telstra Store - Home of Entertainment, interactive  

With art direction by Liam Thorne, I teamed with Peter Leary to provide sequences integrated by the TRO team to display on Telstra Melbournes stores giant LED panel and in-store windows. Peter created colourful FXs that overlayed a city landscape and I animated various dragon sequences for the Home of Entertainment campaign.

2013 TRO Australia   Telstra Store - Buddies, interactive  

I teamed with Peter Leary to create the Telstra Buddies animated sequences displayed on Telstra’s in-store windows over Christmas. The TRO team created an engine to drive the animated sequences which interacted with onlookers as they walked past the 4 x 42” wide LED store display. Working with models created by Mighty Nice, Peter created custom rigs for the models and I created the characters facial expressions. Next I animated the characters which required them to return to a base loop pose at the end of each individual sequence. The rendered sequences were then integrated into the engine by the TRO team, coded by David Armstrong and Art Directed by Liam Thorne.

The team won POPAI Gold Indians for :

• 'Path to Purchase - Experiential'
• 'In Store Craft - Window Displays'
• 'Path to Purchase - Digital or Mobile'
• ‘Pinnacle Award for In Store Craft Display of the Year’ for the Telstra 2013 Xmas window.

2009 Maxo Studios   Kmart Monster, TVC  

I joined the Flickpad team and assisted on a number of Kmart Monster TVC's with Dan Hartney and Peter Leary before inheriting the fluffy red monster at Maxo Studios. Working closely with Cummins Nitro I lead the production assisted by Liam Thorne on numerous Kmart Monster campaigns including Kmart Artist, Safari, Skydiving and Easter TVC's. Each of the projects also had a major print component for the Kmart catalogue.

2006 Maxo Studios   Crown Casino, FMV  

I created fresh concepts to replace the existing suite of “pandemonium pontoon games” for Crown Casino. I scripted, storyboarded and lead the production on 3 Mr Chip game themes at Maxo Studios; Aussie Rules Football, Summer Games and Horse racing. The process began with script writing, storyboarding, animatics and then progressed into a full CG production with assistance from Len Doublet, Liam Thorne, and Adam White.

2007 Flickpad   Hello Music Land "Licks 5D", interactive cinema  

I joined the Flickpad team and began production on a 75 minute, animated cinema experience called Hello Music Land. LICKs 5D – LIVE INTERACTIVE CINEMA FOR KIDS, the brainchild of LICKs Productions CEO and Producer, Karen Kim, combining 3D animation and a live stage musical. Directed by Stephen Johnson with Dan Hartney, Peter Leary, Adam White and Len Doublet.

2010 Zero One Animation   Megamind Game, FMV  

Joining the talented Zero One team lead by Brad May and Directed by Dan Hartney I was responsible for assisting in technically preparing Dreamworks film assets and THQ game assets for animation. This included rigging characters, skinning and setting up facial animation systems. I created the "Picture In Picture" animations for the Wii game which involved creating 9 expressive animations for Megamind's Robot Fish sidekick Minion.

2011 Maxo Studios   Coles TVC - Prices are down, TVC  

Working from the Coles "Prices are down" red hand illustration I created a neon-light version to sit above the stores entrance in the commercials finale.

2007 Triple J, Pixel Freaks   Hungry for new music, promo video  

Feeling inspired I entered a Triple J competition called "Pixel Freaks". I nutted out a script and storyboards and teamed with Photographer David Rosendale and planned the production. The production involved a live action shoot at a Laundry in St Kilda and later a studio shot to capture actor Nick Walker's performance which was keyed and composited together with CG plates. Up against the clock, I rushed through the post production with help from Adam White in editing and Peter Leary in finding a rigging solution for the monsters tentacles. The video made the finals and was awarded 2nd place. Later I returned to the project and gave it the extra time and finesse I didn't achieve in the original week of production. I modelled, rigged and animated all CG elements using 3DS Max and composited the plates together in After Effects. Big thanks to Tim Trappet for creating the soundtrack and all involved on the project who gave up their time to help create the video.

2015 Future Pictures   Scare Campaign, Film  

I assisted Adam White by creating the CG duel hunting knives model and animation for the Cairnes brothers film Scare campaign.

2012 Future Pictures   100 Bloody acres, Film  

With direction by Adam White I created the CG Leatherman kick animation and composited blood FX for the Cairnes brothers film 100 Bloody acres.

2018 Luscious International   India (FSSAI), Trans Fat, TVC & outdoor media  

With direction from Jeff Jaffers and producer Carolien Foley, we consulted with Prof David Celermajer before creating this visceral time-lapsed “artery clogging” animation intended to be clinically authentic as possible in respect of the artery walls texture and the appearance of arterial plaque and how it builds up.

2010 Teratoma Productions   Attack, short film  

Working with Director Adam White and the Zero One team, I assisted in creating this gruesome head explosion FX. I used a cloth simulation to tear the skin and particle systems to emulate the brain and gunk chunks.