Interactive & projections  
2013 TRO   Telstra Buddies Interactive  

I teamed with Peter Leary to create the Telstra Buddies animated sequences displayed on Telstra’s in-store windows over Christmas. The TRO team created an engine to drive the animated sequences which interacted with onlookers as they walked past the 4 x 42” wide LED store display. Working with models created by Mighty Nice, Peter created custom rigs for the models and I created the characters facial expressions. Next I animated the characters which required them to return to a base loop pose at the end of each individual sequence. The rendered sequences were then integrated into the engine by the TRO team, coded by David Armstrong and Art Directed by Liam Thorne.

The team won POPAI Gold Indians for :

• 'Path to Purchase - Experiential'
• 'In Store Craft - Window Displays'
• 'Path to Purchase - Digital or Mobile'
• ‘Pinnacle Award for In Store Craft Display of the Year’ for the Telstra 2013 Xmas window.

2014 Resolution Independent   DIFC 10th Anniversary Celebration  

Working with Pete Ford of Think OTS, I created 3D assets and animation for the Dubai International Financial Centre 10th Anniversary Celebration.
The event saw 2000 royal, VVIP and distinguished international guests which included the world’s most respected CEOs to gather under the iconic gate building.
The home of DIFC is a towering 76 meters high by 67 meters wide gate, a vast canvas which was projection mapped to a height of 56 metres on both the front and inside edges of the building.

2014 Resolution Independent   The Secret Chamber  

Journey underground into the depths of a Sovereign Hill gold mine to watch the story of Chin Tem and his brother, a tale based on the adventures of the young Chinese diggers who flocked to Ballarat in the 1850s in search of gold.
Working with Director Pete Ford and the Resolution Independent team, I joined forces with Peter Leary to create the 3D animated sequences for the projection mapped show.
I created the 3D models working from concept art created by Seth Justice. Peter Leary focused on rigging the various models and cloth sims setups while I worked on creating facial expressions for the characters. We shared the animating of scenes, lighting and rendering.
Here’s a few turnarounds of the characters I modelled for the show.

2014 TRO   Myer's kids Dinosaurs  

Collaborating with Art Director Liam Thorne we scripted an animated sequence to play LIVE on an LED display on the bridge of the newly opened Myer Toys department.
Children standing on the bridge can see themselves (LIVE on the LED display) surrounded by colourful, playful Dinosaurs!
I rigged and animated the Turbosquid Dinosaur models and the team at TRO worked on the engine to overlay the animated sequence with the LIVE camera feed.

2007 Maxo Studios   Hello Music Land "Licks 5D"  

I joined the Flickpad team and began production on a 75 minute, animated cinema experience called Hello Music Land. LICKs 5D – LIVE INTERACTIVE CINEMA FOR KIDS, the brainchild of LICKs Productions CEO and Producer, Karen Kim, is a combined interactive animation and live stage show combining 3D animation, live stage musical (4th dimension) and integrated audience with stage and screen (5th dimension)!