Work & Play  
2015/2013   Squids attack posters  

I am fascinated with deep sea alienesque creatures particularly the Octopus, Cuttlefish and Giant Squid species.
Cuttlefish have the ability to illuminate skin cells to mimic their surroundings as a form of camouflage or possibly communicate emotions or intentions. Here's a couple of digital images inspired by these amazing creatures.

2013 Maxo Studios   Target Toys  

Here's a few of the models I created for the Target Toys 2013 commercials. Each of these Toys were modelled in a low polygon technique and subdivided at render time to add smooth detail.

2013 Sodaland Films   Website image  

This is an image I created for the Sodaland films website. I utilised a mass FX simulation which dropped the bottle caps into place.

2010 Matthew Quick   Rubber Duckies  

This is an image I created for one of my favourite Australian Artists Matthew Quick. Working with his composition I spent some time lighting the scene and working on shaders.

2012 Chocolate Studios   STHIL TVC  

Working from product photographs I created various STHIL models for commericals made by Chocolate Studios.

2010 - 2012 Sodaland Films   Moose Toys Commercials  

Working with Judd Hyland of Sodaland Films I created various models for commercials and packaging artwork for Toy company Moose Toys.

2010 Mark Mansour   St George  

Art Directed by Mark Mansour, I used a couple of Turbosquid models as a starting point for creating this image for West Australian Mining Company St George to be used on the cover and throughout their prospectus. I rigged the high resolution models with Bones Pro before posing the models and adding extra geometry detail.

2007- 2009 Maxo Studios   Kmart Monster  

Here’s a few Kmart images created during production on the various TVC campaigns for the accompanying Kmart print catalogue and a store gift card..

2008- 2010 Maxo Studios   Beatman Home Loans  

Working from concepts by Sense Advertisings Peter Milne, I created numerous digital illustrations for Beat Home Loans and created the first full CG Beat home loans "Whack" TVC for agency Creatology.

2001 George Patterson   Nintendo & CUB Corona  

Working with Art Director Adam Woods I created various 3D assets for Nintendo Game Cube, Gameboy Advance and CUB Corona print campaigns.