2008 Aniboom competition   Radiohead - 15 steps, animatic  

The Aniboom website held a competition and still feeling the buzz of putting together the Triple J, Hungry for new music video, I reteamed with David Rosendale and Liam Thorne to create a submission for the track "15 steps" from Radiohead's album "In Rainbows". Sadly we didn't progress very far in the competition but we had fun creating the storyboard sequence.

The basic concept came to me while I was walking along listening to the track and in passing a neighbouring buildings fire ecape stairwell, imagined the scenario of a character trapped on the stairwell with no way out. The stairwell never seemed to see the light of day which to me embodied the feel of Radioheads "15 steps" song lyrics. The beat of the track reminded me of climbing a stairwell and the lyrics suggest no way out.

Liam and I explored a few different characters before settling with the wooden puppet. The kite in the clip represents freedom which the puppet is striving up out of the stairwell to achieve but as the lyrics state "how come i end up back where i started" the puppet never makes it. The puppets efforts to pull itself out of its bleak, dark, existence inevitably fail.