FMV & Games  

2001/2005 Act3 Animation   Game FMV's  

My post-production experience began at Act 3 animation as a freelance 3D generalist. This valuable experience enhanced my 3D skill-set and gave me an understanding of the importance of a solid production pipeline when working in a team. I worked on numerous TVC's, game assets and video game cinematics with Act3 animation these titles include, Jurassic Park, Roadkill, King Arthur, Anaka, Narc, Gauntlet Seven Sorrows. My contribution to these projects range from 3D modelling, texturing, rigging and animation.

2001 Act3 Animation   Grand Prix 4, game assets  

I joined the Act3 team and worked on 3D models and textures of the Albert Park Melbourne race track for infogrames Grand Prix 4. Each of the models required LOD variations.

1998/2000   Stromlo Entertainment  

I was employed as a Level Designer for Stromlo Entertainment to work on a Video Game called Splinter.
This period of working with many talented Computer Programmers provided me with an understanding of developing real-time 3D graphics and the rapidly progressing technology driving it.